02 Nov
  • By Nino Gambashidze
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Youth Dreams in Eshtia

„I am very excited for computers,” said 14  years old girl, who lives in the village of Eshtia. “After the school we can come here and use computer, sing and dance,” continued talking Kristina, while turning on the computer standing in the newly-built Center.

It was an unusual day in the village of Eshtia. From the early morning local people were talking, preparing and looking forward to the opening of the Center for their children and youth. What made this day especially unique was that journalists, the guests from different towns, local municipalities, UNICEF and the priests from the diverse churches of Georgia gathered in the village to open the center dedicated to the local youth.

The representatives of Caritas Georgia, Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA), the Apostolic Nunciature – Fr. Mihaita Blaj and local agencies gave the remarks about the Center during the opening.

Archbishop Mons. Raphael Minassian, the President of Caritas Georgia warmly welcomed the audience: “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in establishing the center; thanks to our partner organization Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA), all people who made their contribution and supported the initiative of Caritas Georgia for the benefit of local children and youth”.

The President invited the representative of CNEWA – Mr. Michael J.L La Civita: “I am a representative of One Family, who gave a hand to create the center to ensure the future of our children. I would like to deliver greetings from USA and Canada, who have the thoughts about the people of Eshtia and needs of children and youth of the village. All they asked you is to keep them in your prayers”.

In response, Mr. Egor Kotoyan, the Head of Council in the village of Eshtia expressed his gratitude on behalf of local community members: “Thanks for your generosity, it is a great success for our children and young people”.

The remarks were followed by Blessing of the Center. The culmination of the event was a concert of the talented children from Armenian Catholic Parish and Day Care Center of Caritas Georgia from Tbilisi.

At the end of the day the center was officially opened. Since, Kristina and her friends, who speak only Armenian, can access the computer and also learn Georgian and English languages that will help them to follow their dreams. As during the opening Mrs. Anahit Mkhoyan, the Director of Caritas Georgia said: “The center will be the home for the local young people that will help them to make a step forward to their dreams. In general, the dreams of youth come true through education and access to the outer world. This center is all about it”.

Nino Gambashidze