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Goal: Provide children without parental care with opportunity to be brought up in a ‘family-type’ environment and get prepared for independent life.


In Small-Group Homes, children are provided with nutritious meal four times a day, seasonal clothes, footwear, and personal hygiene items. Moreover, they get psychological and medical assistance. All children receive compulsory education, in case of need being enrolled in the inclusive education system. Apart from that, they get vocational education depending on their ability and willingness.  Special courses are organized for those who intend to get enrolled in higher educational institutions. Specialists of small-group homes equip children with social and life skills preparing them for leaving independently.


Caritas Georgia manages three small-group homes, two in Tbilisi and one in the village of Martkopi, hosting total 28 children without parental care, in the age between 6 – 18 years. Martkopi SGH is an integrated environment also for children in need of special care.


Small-group homes are in close cooperation with the Social Service Agency.

If possible, child is reintegrated with biological family, either settled in foster care family or prepared for independent life.


Small-group Home “Ten Stars”, Tbilisi, 2d Eristavi Street

Small-group Home “First Home”, Tbilisi, 2d Eristavi Street

Small-group Home “Our Home”, Gardabani region, the village of Martkopi


Partners: Ministry of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia; Private donations through „Long Distance Sponsorship “; “Kindermissionswerk”Catholic Relief Services (CRS); Liberty Bank; “Charity Fund of Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s workers”