Under the program operates the Youth Center in Kutaisi. Since 2000 the project responds to necessity of vulnerable children and their families in the suburban area of Kutaisi, in order to keep away from the street children from the families with difficult social-economic conditions. Since its establishment, the Center has hosted more than 100 children per year.

The main goal of the project is the improvement of life perspective and prevention of juvenile delinquency among the most vulnerable children from Kutaisi; this is achieved through:

  • the support of children in the school activities;
  • accompaniment of minors in human and personal growth;
  • integrated social support to the families of minors.

The Staff of the Youth Center consists of: one coordinator, 14 teachers, one psychologist, one cook, one assistant, one person responsible for cleaning, 3 guardians.

The Partners of the project are: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Caritas of Verona, Association A.B.C.S., “Alle Stimmate” school, Association Italia-Georgia in Trento, Association Amici Don Baldo and the Province of Trento, as well as the Agency of Social Services and Public Schools of Kutaisi with whom the Center actively collaborates.