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The project of Irrigation Water-Supply in several villages of Akhaltsikhe Municipality was launched in June 2017 with the kind support of “Renovabis”, Germany.


Overall Goal of the project:  To give a chance for family-farmers to stabilize their income by accessing the irrigation of their lands as a basic resource for sustainable farming.


The project envisages reaching the Overall Goal by solving two technical tasks and by mobilizing Community members for assisting in working process and for responsibility in future maintenance of the whole system:

_ Conducting works on extension (broadening and deepening) of the existing storage basin in order to increase the stock of irrigation water for all targeted village Communities;

_Arrangement of irrigation water main-route 3000 meters-long from the water basin to the point of distribution to the fields;

_Establishment of Water Committee responsible for maintenance of the whole system in future and for fair distribution of irrigation water among the Local Community plots of land;

Despite the extremely hard conditions of work at the construction site in the high mountains by the end of year 2017 around 11920 cub. meters of soil were elaborated and removed from the basin area, works on arrangement of ferroconcrete headwork construction were generally completed and the first 890 meters of pipes were laid into trench of water-main.

The Community members supported the construction brigade in arrangement of headwork construction and conducted all auxiliary works during the process of laying first section of water main.

In October 2017 the Program hosted Mr. Georg Ehrler, the Consultant, commissioned by Renovabis to observe the present status of the irrigation site and provide support to the team on ground. This visit was very important and useful for us as the expert shared with us his considerations in view of technical side and concerning the effectiveness and efficiency of the project for the development of rural Communities.


Akhaltsikhe district of Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia

There are 47 villages united in Akhaltsikhe Municipality of Samtskhe-Javakheti region and 2 towns (Akhaltsikhe as Municipal town and Vale). Town Vale is the last point of Akhaltsikhe Municipality in front of the border with Turkey.  The total population of Akhaltsikhe district (by the Census of 2014) makes up 20,992 persons, where 61.72% are ethnic Georgians, 36.59% – Armenians, 0.4% – Russians 0.1 – Greeks and 0.1 – Ossetians.  The demographic condition of the Akhaltsikhe district is featured by the high rate of migration to the neighboring countries, Turkey or Russia (mostly Armenians), or to the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. This, generally rural, Municipality needs good infrastructure and support of agricultural activities so that to prevent the economic migration of the work-age population.





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