15 May
  • By David Mkheidze
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The representatives from Caritas Georgia Children and Youth Program and Health Care program visit to Germany

Study visit to Straubing, Germany

On April 23-29, 2017, the representatives from Caritas Georgia Children and Youth Program and Health and Social Care program had been on exposure visit to Straubing, Germany. The visit has been organized with support of Caritas Germany, within the frames of which the Director of Caritas Straubing, Mr. Norbert Scheidler together with the colleagues have presented different working directions to Georgian delegation.

Caritas Georgia representatives have visited  Daycare Centers for Children, Kindergartens, Social Houses, Shelters for Elderly People, Social Enterprises for people with limited abilities and patients of homecare.

The experience shared by Caritas Straubing will contribute to the development of the following spheres in the Health and Social care Program of Caritas Georgia:

  • streamlining the documentation in the work with homecare beneficiaries,
  • streamlining the criteria for staff appraisal,
  • establishment of consultation service for informal caregivers and re-training in the educational-consultation

center of personnel engaged into care and assistance to patients, preparing them to be a caregiver-supporter.


The Children and Youth Program will streamline the work in following aspects:

  • Strengthen cooperation between “Mother and Child Center” and Social Service Agency.
  • Introducing more recreational activities in “Mother and Child Center”.
  • Creation of the managed space for free activities in the “Daycare Center”.
  • Introducing paid services in “Daycare Center”.
  • Giving consultations to parents/caregivers for solving the financial problems.
  •    In everyday work, different techniques will be used for increasing      the motivation of children.
  • The study process will be improved through introducing the “play-way” method.
  • The documentation regarding the childcare policy and standards active in Germany, awaited from Caritas Straubing,

will facilitate the advocacy process for protecting the rights of children and youth in Georgia.


During the visit, meetings have been conducted with the Head of City Municipality of Straubing Mr. Markus Pannermayer, Head of Social Care Service of Straubing, Mr. Markus Vimmer, Director of Health Insurance Department, Georg Kagermeier and other representatives of local administration who have been acquainted with the work of Caritas in Georgia and from their side have presented the mechanisms of cooperation with Caritas Straubing.

Especially important was the meeting conducted with the Director of Caritas Regensburg and heads of different departments, who have expressed an initiative for developing cooperation with Caritas Georgia.

It has been suggested to organize a visit of representatives of Caritas Straubing to Caritas Georgia,  since it was considered very important  to learn more about  the work of  Caritas in Georgia for Caritas Straubing.


David Mkheidze