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Summer to Remember: Volunteers of Caritas Georgia Held Educational Summer Camp for Children in Need

During 16-27th of August, 2017, volunteers of Caritas Georgia organized an Educational Summer Camp for 20 vulnerable children in the village of Khizabavra. During the camp children had the possibility to change the environment and spend the summer holiday with new friends and 11 volunteers, who put all their efforts to educate the children and create for them a joyful environment.

Volunteers of Caritas Georgia hold Educational Summer Camps for children from vulnerable families every year. The main purpose of the camps is to give the children opportunity to spend summer holidays in a friendly environment and being involved in the different educational activities. Each Summer Camp has a slogan and program that is prepared and planned by experienced volunteers. In 2017, a slogan of the camp was: “It does not matter who you are, matters what you do”. During the camp, each day had its theme such as “Friendship”, “Envy”, or “Support”.  According to the theme, volunteers were conducting different educational and entertaining activities, games, concerts, competitions, and excursions. Every day children as well as volunteers were gaining new and useful experiences that turned into the remarkable moments:

“This was unforgettable 10 days. The place, where regardless of some difficulties, love was everywhere and it was the biggest issue. Mostly, I remember Luke, a person that touched my life. Once I accidentally injured my hand and the volunteer gave me a cold item to put on the hand. Luke sat next to me and was holding my hand for one hour. He was giving me the cold things and sometimes warming my hand. He was worrying and taking care of me. For me this support was strange from Luke and I was very happy to see so much care and changes in him. Without this camp I have never had a chance to meet these children and desire this project to be continued in order to see them again.”  –  Meri Ukleba, volunteer of Caritas Georgia

“The summer almost finished but memories about this camp will stay forever. Thank you for care and happiness”. – a child from the summer camp.

In the camp, through the support of Apostolic Administration of Catholic of Latin Rite in Caucasus, children and volunteers spend fruitful and interesting time that was accompanied with love and care.

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Nino Gambashidze