The main directions of Socio-Pastoral Program (Activities)


  • Formation for Caritas Georgia employees

Formative meetings for Caritas employees are held several times a year since 2011. These meetings can be of different length – one-day meetings or three-day meetings. But they always have formative character. Each meeting has its special theme (for example: “Solidarity”, “Human dignity”, “Development”, etc.) and includes such elements as: Biblical inspirations, spiritual lections of Orthodox and Catholic priests, lections of university professors, presentations, group works, laboratories, personal experience of invited guests, video materials, etc.

  • Work with Catholic Parishes

Socio-Pastoral Program has held different activities connected to Catholic Parishes in Georgia. Among them:

  • Formative meetings of Parish Caritas Groups

Short meetings are held for the representatives of charitable groups in Parishes. They also have a formative character and include such elements as: Biblical inspirations, presentations, group work, organizational problems discussions, etc.

  • Distribution of Church documents

Socio-Pastoral Program has translated, printed and distributed in Parishes and among Caritas employees such documents as letters of Popes for Lents or Advents, encyclics, etc.


  • Work with volunteers

Socio-Pastoral Program is working on different aspects of voluntary work:

  • Meetings for volunteers

Meetings for volunteers are held periodically and can have formative or organizational character. Formative meetings are similar to the meetings for Caritas employees, including different formative, spiritual and motivational elements. Organizational meetings are usually held before or during voluntary actions, and their purpose is to prepare them, solve any difficulties volunteers are facing or to see the results of work.

Moreover, at the end of every Pastoral year voluntary Forum is held. Every volunteer who has participated in any voluntary action during the year is invited to the Forum. It lasts for three days, during which volunteers have a possibility to see the presentations of different voluntary activities, share their experience, talk about the problems and success, meet new people and make plans for future work.

  • Voluntary actions
    • Action “Soup for homeless”. The action was created in 2011 by volunteers. In the beginning Socio-Pastoral Program was only supporting it. The action lasts during the cold time of the year (December – April) two-three times a week at Tbilisi Station Square. Around 40 homeless and poor people each day are eating the food cooked and distributed by volunteers.
    • Clothes distribution point opened in March 2013. It is a room in the main building of Caritas in Tbilisi, where volunteers are distributing clothes to poor people. Clothes are received from Italy, but also collected in Parishes and brought by volunteers. Representative of Socio-Pastoral Program and Parish priests assign “points” to the beneficiaries depending on their financial situation. According to the “points”, clothes can be chosen and taken at the Distribution point. Around 15 persons receive clothes twice a week.
    • Every summer Voluntary Camps are held. There are 2 types of camps: Educational and Work. Educational Camps are held for children from poor families. Work camps provide small renovation in public institutions of poor villages or towns. Volunteers from different countries are implementing the camps, preparing programs, etc.
    • Individual help to poor. Sometimes volunteers are visiting poor people’s homes and help them physically: clean apartments, make small renovation, wash their clothes, bring food, etc.


  • Other activities

During the years Socio-Pastoral Program has also implemented and coordinated different projects and activities, such as:

  • Sewing and Knitting classes in Gori;
  • Tour guides course;
  • Presentation of volunteering in universities;
  • Cooperation with “Global Solidarity Association” and participation in Voluntary Centers’ network.


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