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Message of the New President of Caritas Georgia

Since January 2018, Charitable Foundation Caritas Georgia has a new President – Chorbishop Benny Beth Yadegar, Assyrian Chaldean Rite of Catholic Church. According to the internal rules of the organization Presidential changes take place once in two years. Hence, Chorbishop Benny Beth Yadegar has replaced Mons. Raphael Minassian, Ordinary for Armenian Catholics, who has served as President of Caritas Georgia for two years, since 2016.

The inauguration of the new President of Caritas Georgia will take place during the Annual Meeting 2017 on February 16, 2018.

Below it is our pleasure to present the message of Chorbishop Benny Beth Yadegar:


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We often seek the complicated answers to our questions that are simple and common. We make research to understand the meaning of love, charity, forgiveness, solidarity, etc.

But many times the answer is in the gestures and simple actions that, from the point of view of the men and women busy with solving problems of their framed small world, do not have value, precisely because the answers are not philosophical, not complicated and not difficult to understand.

Thereby, the charity in this ordinary and egoistic mentality of the consumerist world is under the risk to be limited to only a small group of people, who are able to expand the horizon of their thought and to serve the poor.

But why do we need to complicate teachings of our Lord which are so simple? Charity is simply the incarnation of the human principles beyond the religious borders each of us is called to practice in his daily life, to build a society that is increasingly healthy and peaceful where the poor, the needy, the abandoned, as the Evangelist says, is blessed, because of particular support and solidarity of the society.

For an even more effective service of charity the poor must be considered a Brother, the needy should become a Friend. Otherwise, the charity will become an arduous work, symbolic, hard, often aggressive and irrespective. It often happens that the poor may become a threat for one’s honor, ethics, comfort, wealth, etc.

Accordingly, we want to become the Brothers of the poor, not their helpers. We want to be their Friends, not their assistants. If the service to the poor is limited only to their assistance and the resources end up, the poor will go back to being poor, alone and abandoned. But we all want to earn a friend in our human community. The true joy of a healthy man and woman is to rediscover Brothers and Friends among the poorest ones.

Friendship and brotherhood have neither religion nor nation. The hands and feet of the Lord are nailed to the cross, now we are his hands and his feet and we are responsible to continue the way on the path of Charity led by his footsteps.

President of Caritas in Georgia

Mons. Benny B. Yadegar






Nino Gambashidze