Home Care

Since 2006, the project responds to the need of abandoned and sick elderly people, who do not have access to the health services. It aims to provide healthcare to bedridden patients, support them in daily activities and provide them with necessary auxiliaries. Within the project around 1200 people were taken into care.

Home Care projects has 3 main objectives:

  1. To promote access to quality home care health services for vulnerable persons of Kutaisi, Ozurgheti and Batumi;
  2. To contribute to the institutionalization of home care health services in Georgia;
  3. To stimulate the community-based rehabilitation of project’s beneficiaries.

The staff of the project consists of: one physician, 8 nurses, one social operator, one assistant, one lawyer, one fundraiser and one driver.

The partners of this project are: Renovabis, Municipality of Kutaisi and the Agency of social services of Kutaisi and Ozurgheti.


Primary Health Center in Kutaisi

Since 1995 the project aims to provide primary health service to vulnerable people in Kutaisi. Every month the project serves up to 100 people, for a total of 1200 annual accesses.

Specific Goal:

  • To guarantee social-health services to elderly people without possibility to access public services;
  • To rise awareness of local and national authorities about beneficiaries’ needs and rights of health assistance;
  • To stimulate target group’s community based rehabilitation.


Soup Kitchen

The main goal of the project is to support vulnerable elderly people of Kutaisi, who do not have a possibility to get food every day. Since 2006 around 70 elderly people benefit from the service every day.

Specific Goal: Socio-Economical support to lonely elderly people in Kutaisi.

The staff of the project consists of: one coordinator, one cook, one assistant.

The partners of this project are: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.