Caritas Georgia Announces Vacancy for Home Care Paid Service Assessment – Business Plan Development

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Home Care Paid Service Assessment

Business Plan Development

  1. Introduction

Home Care is a complex of medical, social and rehabilitation activities provided to clients at home for stabilization of the state of health and assistance to ensure the activities of daily living. Home Care is provided to the people in need by NGOs with foreign donor`s funding as it is not included in the package of universal healthcare insurance. Only several municipalities in Georgia participate in co-funding of such projects. National Statistics Office of Georgia (GEOSTAT) does not possess information on the number of people in need of care while the estimate of nongovernmental sector is around 70-80 thousand people. The target group in need of Home Care includes people with limited abilities because of age or disease, post operational patients and other persons that depend on external assistance.  There are several providers of the Home Care service in Georgia but their capacity can cover only 5% of the estimated need.

  1. Background

As Home Care is subsidized by foreign donors it is provided only to people that live under poverty line. Other groups of population, when they need such assistance, apply to unorganized individual caregivers or private providers. The right of patients for quality medical service is not protected by the legislation as there are no regulations and standards of the services.  Caritas Georgia, having reputation of high quality service provider, is frequently requested to provide paid service. Having potential for organization of paid service to the population in Tbilisi as well as in other big towns, Caritas Georgia lacks information on the need that exists in the market of the care services. It was mentioned above that GEOSTAT does not have such information.

The assessment will contribute to the objective of creating data on the need of population for home care service.

  1. Objectives of the Assessment

The overall objective of the assessment is to determine “potential of the market” of paid care services. Based on the results of the assessment a business plan for the development of paid services must be developed.

  1. Scope of the work

The assessment and development of the Business Plan will be led by an external consultant in close coordination with Caritas Georgia Home Care team. The consultant will coordinate and collaborate with Caritas Georgia financial department and administrative staff. The consultant will be responsible for undertaking following tasks:

  • Assess “market potential” of Tbilisi and Gori cities on paid care services:

– Home Care;

– 24 hour caregiver.

  • Identify preferable service for the client;
  • Identify general number of clients in need of Home Care service or other care service countrywide by statistical regularity method;
  • Identify segment of population that can afford paid service and there number;
  • Identify private service provider`s prices;
  • Consult Caritas Georgia on funding of a new Home Care Unit for providing paid services;
  • Develop Business Plan for providing paid home care services.
  1. Methods and Tools

Following methods can be used to complete the above mentioned tasks and fulfill the purpose as defined by this ToR.

  1. Desk review of the relevant documents
  2. Market assessment
  3. Workshop with Caritas Georgia staff
  4. Presentations
  5. Documentation


  1. Key qualification, experience and skills of the consultant



  • University degree in statistical data analysis, economics and business management;


  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of social entrepreneurship issues and business management
  • Extensive work experience and proven record in business planning projects. (at least 5 years)
  • Demonstrate experience of having undertaken similar assignments
  • Good analytical and documentation/report writing skills
  • Good communication and facilitation skills
  1. Duration of task completion

The assignment is estimated to be completed by December 25, 2017.

  1. Key deliverables

The consultant will work closely with Caritas Georgia Home Care team. All deliverables will be submitted to Caritas Georgia on date as mutually agreed during the inception meeting. The reports will be reviewed by project staff.

The consultant should submit following key deliverables,

  • Market assessment report:
  • Draft Business plan paper for feedback and comments
  • Final Business plan paper (e copy) in Georgian and English, including implementation plan
  • Media plan
  1. Financial procedures

The payment will be made as follows:

1st installment – 40% (after signing the agreement); and

Final installment – 60% (after submission of final deliverables)


The deadline of applying the vacancy is 17th of November, 2017

Please send CV and the proposal regarding the assessment to:;