Building a Bridge to Our Values

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Twice a year Caritas Georgia holds Formative Meetings for its employees. As the work of the organization is spread throughout Georgia to support the most vulnerable people, the major aim of the meetings is to gather members of Caritas Georgia, and discuss the different spiritual issues with invited professionals and guests. On 6-7 and 13-14 October the ordinal Formative Meetings were held, with the main topic: Our Values.

Values have the great importance that determines the way people live and organizations work. We as a Caritas Georgia also have our values.  By following them up, we create a much nicer place to work. That is helping us to work with determination and inspiration, respect dignity of each human being, or to achieve common good of the society.

As the values must straighten the greater mission of the organization, we decided to discuss our values during the second Formative Meeting of this year. The employees from different projects of Caritas Georgia from all over the country met each other in Tserovani. The values of Caritas Georgia were introduced to employees during the presentation, the global values were discussed and the group works conducted successfully. As a result, for us the message is clear: we have the values and faith to reach a positive change in the society, and would do what is needed to make it happen.