A Hug: Story of a Volunteer

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Once upon a time few volunteers decided to help. Help those, who need it the most. They went in the streets and looked at people: here they are – sitting in the corners, lying on the floor… Homeless.

In a while volunteers came back with hot food for them. It turned into a habit and later into a project. I joined them, when the project “Soup for Homeless” had already had a few years’ experience. One day a small, tiny boy of 3-4 years old came to me, asking for food. I gave him a portion of hot soup. But he did not eat himself, he took a plate to a woman with a baby. I remembered this child, his behavior touched me. Every time he was coming to eat, he tried to care about someone else first.

“Soup for Homeless” helped a lot of people, but I never felt the real importance of it, until once I was walking in the crowded street, when suddenly someone hugged me. Someone very small. I looked down and saw that boy. It was the most precious hug I ever received.

-Elena Kemoklidze, Volunteer of Caritas Georgia