Caritas Georgia Participated in the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum in Yerevan

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On 21-22 June 2017, the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum took place in Yerevan, where Caritas Georgia’s representative Tata Topadze, presented the achievements and experiences of the organization in the field of reintegration. The aim of the meeting was to discuss recent trends, developments and challenges in return, readmission and reintegration of migrants as well as to share national experiences, practices and knowledge.

Caritas Georgia within the wide range of the Development Program is dealing with Migration issues internally (project for Internally Displaced persons from the occupied territories of Georgia and prevention of migration) and externally, in cooperation with European partners, in the field of Reintegration of Returnees to Georgia from different European Countries.

The meeting was organized jointly by Armenia, France and the European Commission in cooperation with the IOM office in Kiev.