Caritas Georgia Expands Volunteerism: a New Volunteers Center in Gori

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On May 24, 2017 an opening of Volunteers Center took place in Gori and the first meeting was held for new volunteers. 11 new volunteers attended the meeting and all of them expressed the desire to participate in Gori existing Home Care project or in a new project, Clothe Distribution Point, planned by volunteers.

During the meeting, employees of Home Care project and a Volunteer Officer, Inga Chkheidze, explained and talked about the principles of Caritas Georgia’s work, structure of the projects, ethics and rules of the organization, and discussed other organizational issues.

After the opening of a new volunteer center in Gori, the volunteers started to implement a project – Cloth Distribution Point on June 28. They accepted and registered first 20 socially disadvantaged families, who will regularly receive clothes. Importantly, at the same time, the number of volunteers have increased up to 17.

Caritas Georgia express its gratitude to all volunteers for their efforts and support.