“Animation and Strengthening of Parish Social Ministries in Catholic Communities of Georgia”

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In May 2016 Caritas Georgia launched a project “Animation and Strengthening of Parish Social Ministries in Catholic Communities of Georgia”. Project will last two years. The first supporter of this project is CRS/Catholic Relief Services from USA.

Overall objectives of the project is to improve social conditions in 8 Catholic Communities of Georgia of Latin, Armenian and Assyrian-Chaldean Rites encouraging Catholic Social Teaching inspired behavior change in parish leaders in order to mobilize volunteers in their communities to support self-determination and community development.

The first joint meeting-workshop of potential leaders of Parish Caritas Groups together with Parish Priests took place in Tbilisi on June 15–16, 2016. Participants of this meeting came from different regions of Georgia. The first day participants had got introductory informal meeting, which took place in Caritas Georgia office and the next day the actual Meeting/Workshop training was held in Assyrian-Chaldean Cultural Center.

Objectives of the Meeting/Workshop were:


  • Introduction of the Project objectives to all participants;
  • Closer acquaintance of Catholic Parish Groups of different Rites with each other;
  • Basics of Catholic Social Teaching /CST (history, methodology, principles);


Replication Meetings/Workshops were organized for leaders and active parishioners of each Rite separately: on July 9, 2016 the meeting was held by Latin Rite in Tserovani Meeting House “Tabga”, on July 14, 2016 – by Armenian Rite in village of Eshtia, Ninotsminda district and on July 25, 2016 – by Assyrian-Chaldean Rite in the Meeting Room of Caritas Georgia office.

The goal of these Meetings/Workshops was to improve knowledge the participants got during the first joint meeting, to get more inspiration and empowerment based on main principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

The next joint Meeting of project participants is planned for October, 2016 where the main topic will be “Volunteering”.