Visit to Armenia to share experience

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On April 7 and 8, 2016 Caritas Georgia Health and Social Care Program Manager Gaioz Kubaneishvili, Home Care Project Coordinator Maia Mikadze and Coordinator of trainers Zhana Petrosian visited Caritas Armenia. The aim of the visit was to exchange experience in the fields of Home Care services and development of nursing education. During the visit representatives of Caritas Georgia implemented joint visits to the beneficiaries of the Home Care project in Gyumri as well as had a meeting at the Gyumri State Medical College with director, teachers and students of this educational center.

During a meeting with the Director of Caritas Armenia Mr. Gagik Tarasian and the National Home Care project Manager Flora Sargsyan it was decided that in the short run a group of Armenian colleagues will

visit Caritas Georgia .
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