New representatives of Caritas Georgia

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On January 5, 2016 Caritas Georgia started New Year with a change. His Excellency Raphael Archbishop Minassian assumed the presidency of Caritas Georgia, along with the presidency of Armenian Caritas. The presidency will be held for two years. The directorship of Caritas Georgia was assumed by Ms. Anahit Mkhoyan. Here is a short introduction of our new representatives.

Raphael Archbishop Minassian, Ordinary of Armenian Catholics in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe, was born in Lebanon on October 24, 1946. He joined the Catholic monastery of Bzommar in Lebanon in 1958 and in 1966 he attended the Lebanese seminary in Rome. In 1973 he joined the Order in Beirut. Archbishop Minassian formed the Sacred Cross scout group in 1984, which opened a church in Zalka, Lebanon. Between 1996 and 2006 he was a pastor of the Armenian Catholics in California. He is one of the founders of the “Armenian Alliance” charity Foundation which supports many humanitarian and charity projects in Armenia. In June 24, 2011, Archbishop Minassian received the Episcopal order as the New Appointed Titular Archbishop of Cappadocian Caesarea of Armenias and the Ordinary of the Armenian Catholics in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Since 2011 Archbishop Minassian is the President of Caritas Armenia.

Ms. Anahit Mkhoyan was born in Armenia on May 13, 1975. She studied at Gyumri Pedagogical Institute (1992-1997), at the Department of Foreign Languages while she obtained her second Master Degree at Walden University, USA (2012 – 2014) in International Non-Government Management. Ms. Mkhoyan has more than 13 years of experience in the non-governmental sector. In 1994-2002 she worked for the Ordinariate of the Armenian Catholic Church in Gyumri as administrative and project assistant. In 1999 she was involved as interpreter for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Sevan, Armenia, and in 2001 as Cultural Facilitator for Peace Corps, in Gyumri, Armenia. In 2002 she started to work for Caritas Armenia as project manager. Until 2004 she lead a Domestic Violence project. In 2005-2009 she worked as a Program Manager and in 2009-2014 she worked as Executive Director of Caritas Armenia. In 2014, she became Executive Director of Homeland Development Initiative Foundation Yerevan, Armenia. Meanwhile provided Cross Cultural Consultancy for Peace Corps in Armenia.  In 2016 she become Director of Caritas Georgia. Ms. Mkhoyan is also Administrative Board member of “Warm Hearth” Foundation since 2006, ASPA (American Society of Public Administrators) since 2012 and Administrative Board Member at Regional Development Foundation of Armenia since 2014. Ms. Mkhoyan is married and she has three children.