08 Nov
  • By Nino Gambashidze
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Volunteer of the Year: Being Volunteer is My Vocation

Please introduce! Volunteer of the year 2017 – Evgenia Karapetiani. She is a volunteer of Caritas Georgia since 2012. Her devotion and love for her work was celebrated in the Volunteer Forum 2017 of the organization, where she officially became a volunteer of the year.

Evgenia talks about her experience, as a volunteer, in Caritas Georgia:

“Everyone has her/his vocation in life and my vocation is being a volunteer. Before becoming a volunteer I was thinking about my vocation… I remember, once I was talking to my friend about my feelings towards volunteering in Caritas Georgia; I was describing my feelings and emotions. She said to me: “you are a happy person that you find your vocation of life”.  I did not pay an attention to her words and never thought that volunteering could be my vocation. Now, I am sure that volunteering is my real vocation.

Volunteering in Caritas Georgia taught me to do kindness and then to forget about it. Here, I earned the skills “to have my eyes open” to change a life of a person for better, that I can be a hero for somebody even for one day, one hour.

During these years, I have been met to many beneficiaries and each meeting caused different emotions inside of me. I saw how kindness works for people and how it can change a person. It is very important, how you speak to them, how you answer and perceive them. They feel everything. They are people and life has made them suffer. You should treat them as special ones, make them feel that they are very important for you…  And the soul of a person is very important. You can do many significant things in life but if there is not your soul, everything loses its sense. You should try to change the world with kindness and this attempt really works.

I was very happy when I received an award of Volunteer of Year 2017. After this nothing has changed for me. I am still the same person, the same volunteer and I work with the same passion and love. I have had difficult times during my work, but I have continued my work with the same strength, patience and steps, and God helps me. I thinks that I received an award with other volunteers of Caritas Georgia for doing a kind job and for us it is a sort of a victory in life”.

Nino Gambashidze