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Vocational Studies of Youth in Caritas Georgia Carpentry

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Goal: to give the opportunity of vocational development of young people and of future income for them and their families.


The Vocational Studies of Youth is a priority project by its noble idea to support young people in strive to build their future. This is a 3-year project, which was launched in the end of 2014. The project activities envisage the studies up to 10 students per year – young people from vulnerable families receive vocational courses in the State Public College “Mermisi” during 8 months to obtain the certified profession of carpenter, where 2 last months they have their college-practice in Caritas Georgia Carpentry. The Autonomous Province of Trento also assisted the State College “Mermisi” with different machinery sent from Italy for the practical workshop of the college. The rest 4 months of the academic year the students have got their practical studies at the Caritas Georgia Carpentry workshop including also study of computer design program. Alongside, the students have an opportunity to learn Italian language during last 5-6 months of the academic year.

The feature of this project is that the students-beneficiaries are ensured by the financial support for daily lunch and transport. Some of the students, who are residents of different regions of Georgia, have an opportunity of accommodation and board at Caritas House in Tbilisi during the whole academic year.


Partners: Government of Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy) through the Association “Italia-Georgia”. In 2014/2015 academic year the project was partly supported by the Pontifical Council “COR UNUM” of Vatican.

Location: 3 Vakhtang Ninua Street, Tbilisi, Georgia