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Sustainable Reintegration after Voluntary Return

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Goal: Improve the chances on a successful reintegration of the migrants returned in Georgia from Belgium.


The project – Sustainable Reintegration after Voluntary Return renders material support to Georgian migrants, who voluntary decided to back to their home-country – Georgia.  The support of Caritas Georgia and its partners to the returning migrants is directed for improvement of living conditions, is some cases – for small businesses initiation and separate assistance is envisaged for medical treatment and procurement of medicines. The social worker of Caritas Georgia is assisting the returnees in solving different issues – in legal issues or in placing children in schools and getting access to different health-care programs and other. The assistance also includes the following activities:

  • Contact and meet returnees from Belgium in Georgia,
  • Provide social consultancy and assess their needs,
  • Assist returnees in their housing problems,
  • Provide medical, social, psychological and legal assistance,
  • Provide opportunities for vocational trainings,
  • Provide opportunities for professional reorientation trainings,
  • Assist the returnees in their search for the jobs, assist children in their trainings.


Caritas Georgia has been conducting Re-Integration and Voluntary Return activities since March, 2006 up to the present days in partnership with Caritas International Belgium, also since June 2006  up to July 2011 – with Maatwerk, Cordaid, The Netherlands. The year 2011 Caritas Georgia first time collaborated with Caritas Bulgaria (Caritas Sofia) in the frame of the Voluntary Return Program, funded by European Return Fund.


Number of Beneficiaries:  

  • 2007 – 3 cases
  • 2008 – 8 cases
  • 2009 – 5 cases
  • 2010 – 19 cases
  • 2011 – 19 cases
  • 2012 – 20 cases (21 returnee)
  • 2013 – 24 cases (43 returnee)
  • 2014 – 31 cases (36 returnee)
  • 2015 – 35 cases (44 returnee)
  • 2016 – 41 case by October 2016


Partners: Belgian Ministry of Social Integration through FEDASIL (Federal Agency for Asylum Seekers), Caritas International in Belgium.

Location: capital -Tbilisi and different regions of Georgia



Migration from Georgia is a widespread phenomenon. The figures available indicate that at least 20% of the population has migrated from Georgia in the last ten years. The main reasons for migration are unemployment, socio-economic and living conditions in the country. In some cases there were also political reasons. Tenth of thousands people left the country in the past ten years. Some individuals and families have less information about the life and situation in Europe and they still cherish the hope expecting to find jobs, relatively better living conditions and social protection in foreign countries. In European Union countries and especially in Belgium more and more attention is being focused on the concept of voluntary return.

Caritas Georgia within the wide range of the Development Program is dealing with Migration issues as internally (Projects for Internally Displaced Persons /IDPs from the occupied territories of Georgia and Prevention of Migration), so externally, in Cooperation with European Partners, in the field of Reintegration of Returnees to Georgia from different European Countries.

In Belgium, Caritas International has been assisting people with voluntary return since 1984. The cooperation between Caritas International and Caritas Georgia in the field of voluntary return has started from April 2006. The assistance that the Project offers is not limited and depends on the nature of the needs of every individual returnee. The necessity and priority of this assistance for every case are assessed after social consultancy and reciprocal agreement with the returnee.

Since September of 2016 Caritas Georgia started new project: Project of reintegration of voluntary returnees from Belgium and Germany. The project is implemented in cooperation with “Caritas Belgium” and organization “Micado” (Germany), the project is supported by the “European Union Fund”, Temporary Asylum Seekers State Agencies of Belgium and Germany. The project offers financial assistance to the migrants from Georgia who decide to return voluntarily to the country of origin.

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