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Goal: Improvement of daily food ratio of disadvantaged groups of population and to preserve their dignity.


The project Humanitarian Soup-Kitchen in Tbilisi serves healthy, nutritious food 5 days a week to around 230 elderly people and 180 children in need. The Soup-Kitchen has been blessed with generous donations of food and money to enable the provision of food and associated social service to the socially unprotected elderly, people living below the poverty line, large families, vulnerable children and youth.



After the first phase of needs assessment and humanitarian aid provision to vulnerable poor and elderly in 1993-1994, Caritas Georgia started the project of Humanitarian Soup Kitchen in Tbilisi. Thanks to the help of the donors from Holy See, Germany, Italy, USA and other countries and to stable supply of food staff from Italy, Caritas Georgia was able to ensure vulnerable elderly and poor with hot meal and food packages for the week end.

By 1997 Caritas Georgia had already three Soup Kitchens in different districts of Tbilisi. The food was distributed not only for a stable number of beneficiaries of Soup Kitchen, but also to the children of Kodjori and Kaspi Orphanages (once a week), to the beneficiaries of Home Care project – lonely and bedridden elderly and to Caritas Youth Projects – two Youth Centers in the suburbs of Tbilisi and to Art Studio beneficiaries.

In 2003 Caritas Georgia Youth and Social projects moved in a new building. A new Soup Kitchen with modern equipment was inaugurated and reopened the door to the needy people.

During the armed conflict of 2008, Caritas Georgia was first organization to open the soup kitchens in the shelters for IDP’s. On 10th of August of 2008 at the third day of armed conflict Caritas Soup Kitchen started to serve a hot meal to the IDP’s who were settled at the Olympic Center in Gldani-Nadzaladevi district. Meanwhile the main Soup Kitchen together with Italian Red Cross was preparing between 1000 to 5000 portions for other IDP’s in other collective centers in Tbilisi and in the villages of buffer zone. During the period between December 2008 – July 2010 the small Soup Kitchen founded by Caritas Georgia was operating for 1000 IDP’s in the ex-military hospital in Isani district.

In this period, the Soup-Kitchen distributes the hot meal to poor and elderly and to the children from Day Care Youth Center of Caritas.


Partners: Social Service Agency of the Ministry of Health of Georgia; Branch of company “JT International Luxembourg S.A.” in Georgia; United States Conference of Catholic Bishop (USCCB)

Location: 2d Tornike Eristavi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia




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    Larisa Molashvili

    Project Coordinator

    Address: 2, Eristavi str.
    0192, Gldani-Nadzaladevi district
    Cell: (+995 595) 355 830