Project Goal:  to render social assistance to vulnerable people, families and to search for ways to solve the problems of the whole community.

To reach this goal the project envisages to strengthen Caritas Groups in parishes (where they exist) and to create them (where they did not exist by that time), to prepare new forces in parishes – volunteers, inspired by the Catholic Social Teaching.
In total 8 parishes (Latin, Armenian and Assyrian-Chaldean) from Tbilisi, villages of Akhaltsikhe, Adigeni and Ninotsminda districts and village of Gardabani are participating in this project.
Up to the end of 2016, in June (in Tbilisi) and in November (in Akhaltsikhe), there were conducted 2 extended meetings of Parish Priests, leaders from all parishes and coordinators of the project. The meetings were devoted to two basic topics – “Catholic Social Teaching Principles” as the core and utmost inspiration for Parish Caritas Groups work and “Volunteerism”. In the period after every extended meeting the coordinators of all 3 rites held replication meetings in their respective parishes. Thus, the base for successful continuation of the project was ensured.

Project Partners: Catholic Relief Services (CRS), USA; Caritas Italiana, Italy

Project Location: 3a, Nutsubidze Plateau II, 0183 Tbilisi, Georgia

Project Coordinators: Ms. Ana Invia; Mr. Alexandr Badoyan; Ms. Mariam Buhagiar 



Other directions of Socio-Pastoral Program (Activities)


  • Formation for Caritas Georgia employees

Formative meetings for Caritas employees are held several times a year, since 2011. These meetings can have different length – one-day meetings or three-day meetings. But they always have formative character. Each meeting has its special theme (for example: “Solidarity”, “Human dignity”, “Development”, etc.) and includes such elements as: Biblical inspirations, spiritual lecture of Orthodox and Catholic priests, lecture of university professors, presentations, group works, laboratories, personal experience of invited guests, video materials, etc.

  • Work with Catholic Parishes

Socio-Pastoral Program has held different activities connected to Catholic Parishes in Georgia. Among them:

  • Formative meetings of Parish Caritas Groups

Short meetings are held for the representatives of charitable groups in Parishes. They also have a formative character and include such elements as: Biblical inspirations, presentations, group work, organizational problems discussions, etc.

  • Distribution of Church documents

Socio-Pastoral Program has translated, printed and distributed in Parishes and among Caritas employees such documents as letters of Popes for Lents or Advents, encyclics, etc.



 Mariam Buhagiar-001 Mariam Buhagiar 

Coordinator of Socio-Pastoral Activities

Nutsubidze Pl. II, Jgenti str. 3a

0183 Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel./Fax:   (+995 32) 221 78 19