Second Hand Shop


Trentino L.t.d. was established in the beginning of 2003; it distributes and sells seasonal second hand clothing/shoes and accessories

Yan Khamoev

Tel: + 995 599 564 291

Building Blocks Factory
It was established in 2006 and started to operate in 2007. It is now temporarily closed.

Yan Khamoev

Tel: + 995 599 564 291


Carpentry Workshop

It was established in 2011 and has been equipped with modern technologies and Italian machinery. Makes beautiful and quality furniture

Ilya Volkov

Tel: +995 593 373 189 

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Copy of Panetteria logo8Bakery and Pizzeria
It was established in 1999 and produces bread, pastry, pizza and various Italian and Georgian cuisine dishes since then.

Tamaz Shakiashvili

Tel: +995 599 276706

+995 599 167 167

Tbilisi, Nutsubidze Plateau II, 3 a Jgenti str.

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Car Repairing Workshop
“San Zeno”

Its work started in 2009. It’s equipped with modern technologies and offers different services for car repair and diagnostics.

Vadim Melik Marutov

Tel: +995 574 500  511

Bakery and Pizzeria
“Trento” in Kutaisi

It was established in 2002 in Kutaisi. It produces bread, pastry, pizza and various Italian and Georgian cuisine dishes.

Jolion Janio

Tel: +995 599 199 356

Guest Houses
Caritas Georgia has two guest houses.

The first one is located at the Head Office of Caritas Georgia in Tbilisi since spring of 2005.

The second one is located in Caritas House Tbilisi 2, Eristavi str. Gldani-Nadzaladevi, and started operating in 2013.

Both guest houses offer comfortable rooms for guests, visitors and volunteers.

Nazi Kvarchia

(on Nutsubidze Plateau II, 3a Jgenti street)

Tel: +995 599 900184

Sister Bernarda

(on 2, Eristavi str.)

Tel: +995 557 750 820



Paid Social Services

Home Care
Was established in 1995 with further development and started paid services  since 2005, provides high quality  Home care service for bedridden and lonely elderly

Maia Mikadze

Tel: +995 591 229 706

Rehabilitation Center
Was established in 2005, has also paid services, works in the field of rehabilitation (post traumatic, post ictus and etc.)

Nelli Vartanova

Tel: +995 599 711 154