The Rehabilitation Centre is functioning in Tbilisi Medical Centre established and operated by Caritas Georgia. The facility is equipped with up-to-date psychotherapeutic equipment and provides a wide choice of psychotherapeutic and manual procedures to its patients. In addition to the centre based services, the rehabilitation centre mobile groups provide services in the homes of centre patients, when necessary. Services provided by the centre have significant impact on improvement of medical, social and psychological condition of centre patients.

Restoration of diminished abilities, capabilities, habits, skills, contribution in reintegration and improvement of the quality of life.

Target group
Patients with chronic illnesses and/or in the state of recovery.

Coverage area
Tbilisi. In 2009 around 1200 patients took the rehabilitation course.


 Neli Vartanov- Rehabilitation Centre Coordinator-001 Neli Vartanov

Project Coordinator