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“Given the challenges and contradictions of our time, Caritas has the difficult – but fundamental – task of making sure charitable service becomes everyone’s task; that is, the whole Christian community becomes the subject of charity”.

~ Pope Francis


Programmatic Priorities

Priority I: Health and Social Care

Improvement of Quality of Life and Social reintegration of Vulnerable Groups of Population and People with Special Needs through Essential Social/Medical Assistance, Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Development of Quality of Medical Education.

Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1:  To ensure essential social and preventive medical assistance for marginalized elderly and other disadvantaged groups of population.

GOAL 2: Contribution to the development of nursing education.

GOAL 3: Advocacy and Lobbying.

GOAL 4: Development of paid services.

Priority II: Children and Youth education and care

Social Assistance and Integration for Vulnerable Children and Adolescents in society.

Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1: To provide the vulnerable children and youth with safe environment and ensure their basic needs.

GOAL 2: To ensure that youth and children receive intellectual and spiritual development and preparation for independent life.

GOAL 3: To facilitate the formation of adequate environment and legislative background for improving the childcare system in Georgia.

Priority III:  Sustainable  Development for communities and individuals

Development activities for target groups improving their livelihoods, preventing families and individuals from economic migration and strengthening social ministries of Caritas at Parish level.

Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1:  To foster the sustainable development of Local Communities through civic participation in practical activities for the welfare of their members.

GOAL 2:  To work towards preventing Georgian families and individuals – potential economic migrants – from migration to other countries, from being victims of trafficking and to support vulnerable returning migrants.

GOAL 3:  Animation and Strengthening of Social Ministries by Parish Caritas Groups in Catholic Communities of all three Rites in Georgia (Latin, Armenian and Assyrian-Chaldean).

Priority IV: Emergency Response and Preparedness

Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Aid – represents the first priority in the work of Caritas Organizations all over the world. However, the issue of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and preparedness towards emergencies and their impact on people and infrastructure, originated comparatively recently at the background of damaged ecology and Climate Change phenomenon, becomes more and more demanding issue at the Local and International level.

Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1: To ensure all-set preparedness of Caritas Emergency Response Team in the event of any kind of calamity: natural disaster, war, accidents of the national-wide scale.

GOAL 2: To cooperate closely with the State Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Service on Emergency Situations and Civil Affairs, International and Local Relief Organizations in emergency situations as well as in routine times.

GOAL 3: To ensure close cooperation with Caritas Internationalis Emergency Team and Caritas Europe Emergency Department in case of medium- and/or large-scale emergency in Georgia at all stages of emergency response.

GOAL 4: Enhance the targeted Communities to be resilient to natural disasters caused by climate change and/or other and to reduce the negative impact they impose on the human and economic development of these communities.


Financing of the plan

The Strategic Plan will be financed through different fundraising activities:

  • Participation in calls for funding and submitting unsolicited projects to partner organizations: grants will be acquired from different international and local donors. Every programmatic department will be responsible for developing new project proposals and participating in different calls for grants.
  • Private donations and crowdfunding: Long Distance Sponsorship program is a coordinated initiative for collecting private donations. On the website of Caritas Georgia will be a “Donation” button for those who would like to make a one-time donation. Guests and visitors of Caritas Georgia can leave donations as well. The private donations will be allocated based on earmarks or the needs of the projects.
  • Governmental funding: Caritas Georgia works with government on social protection and there are programs that it partially fund.
  • Income generating activities: another income generation source for Caritas Georgia is the social enterprises that are developed to invest in the social goals of the organization. The income generated by these enterprises and paid services of Caritas Georgia will be invested back into the mission of the organization.