Caritas Georgia is a Charitable Foundation of the Catholic Church, founded on 3 November 1994,

dedicated to the service of the poor in Georgia and to the promotion of charity and justice.

Caritas Georgia has been serving indigent population of Georgia since its establishment. It has been seeking after creating such Georgian society which protects dignity of each individual and their basic rights so that peace, justice, mercy and solidarity are established in the country and public interests prevail over individual interests. Based on the foregoing Caritas Georgia is aimed at promoting human development and social justice, bringing relief to vulnerable and disadvantaged people, encouraging their self-responsibility and dignity.

Aspiration for attaining the objectives is most clearly manifested by the projects implemented by Caritas Georgia in following programs:

From the outset Caritas Georgia has implemented many projects to help most deprived people who live beyond the poverty line. Those are lonely helpless elders, homeless children lacking parental care, sick and disabled people, disappointed people who lost their faith, the unemployed, everyone who is socially unprotected regardless their nationality and religion.


The vision of Caritas Georgia

Drawing its inspiration from the Gospel, the Church’s Social teaching, and the experiences and hopes of people in need, Caritas Georgia is working for the “civilization of love” in the Georgian society and striving to reach:

  • the human dignity and the fundamental rights of every child, woman and man are protected and respected;
  • peace, freedom, justice, mercy and solidarity are valued and promoted;
  • the common good prevails over individual interests;
  • disadvantaged persons are empowered to develop their potential in building a better society;
  • the natural environment is respected


The mission of Caritas Georgia

Our mission is to promote human development and social justice, bring relief to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in accordance with Christian values, encouraging their self-responsibility and dignity.

To fulfil this mission, Caritas Georgia:

  • adheres to the guiding values and principles of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa;
  • raises public awareness of poverty and injustice and its causes;
  • establishes cooperation with Churches, Church based and secular organizations in the field of diaconal, developmental and social work in order to address issues of poverty and social injustice;
  • designs and implements activities which enable the poor to become agents for change
  • strives to provide an example of inter-human, inter-cultural and inter-confessional relations; commits itself to on-going institutional development by integrating learning and capacity building into all organizational processes.