08 Dec
  • By Nino Gambashidze
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On the 3rd of December Caritas Georgia Development Program Hosted the Students for Vocational Studies

In the frame of the Project “Vocational Studies of Youth in Caritas Georgia Carpentry” on the 3rd of December Caritas Georgia Development Program hosted in Caritas Georgia office the students, who entered the Public Vocational College “Mermisi” in the end of 2016 after passing the exams, and the responsible teach1ers.

This 3-year Project was launched in the end of 2014. Every academic year the new students’ group passes 8-months’ study-course in the college “Mermisi”, where they master the profession of carpenter, after which they get an opportunity of 4-month’ vocational practice at the Caritas Georgia Carpentry Workshop.

This was an introductory meeting. The students under eighteen have come with their parents. The conversation touched the issues of rights and responsibilities of every student-beneficiary, of mutual cooperation and future plans. The young people from regions will be accommodated at the territory of Caritas House, as it is envisaged by the project.

Nino Gambashidze