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On November 2016 Representatives of Freiburg Catholic University Visited Caritas Georgia


Caritas Georgia Health and Social Care Program established partnership and cooperation with Freiburg Catholic University of Applied Sciences to develop capacity of the Home Care team and contribute to the development of nursing education in Georgia.

At the end of November 2016, Prof.Dr. Cornelia Kricheldorff, Prof. Dr. Anne Kellner and their six students visited Caritas Georgia. Participation of students, which are nurse teachers, was very productive because they visited beneficiaries together with Caritas Georgia nurses and shared with them new methods and skills of care. Besides they produced video lessons which Georgian students of the University translated into the Georgian language that is an important contribution to the training program of medical students implemented by Caritas Georgia. This activity as well as Dr. Cornelia Kricheldorf`s interview were covered by TV company “Palitra TV.

Dr. Cornelia Kricheldorff, Dr. Anne Kellner and Caritas Georgia Health and Social Care Program Manager Gaioz Kubaneishvili had discussions with different public and government organizations on the problems of nursing education. Ministry of Education of Georgia, which is currently discussing possibility of integration of dual education in the vocational education system of Georgia, positively responded to the project proposal “Third Place of Learning in Nursing Education” developed by Cornelia Kricheldorff and Anne Kellner. Further discussions with representatives of medical society and NGOs led to the idea that Caritas Georgia Training and Consultancy Center could be turned into an institution similar to the Caritas Germany Academy for dissemination of Home Care methodology and contribution to the improvement of nursing education and training of nurse-teachers in Georgia.

To watch the video of the visit please follow the link: https://caritas.ge/it/video-2/

Nino Gambashidze