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Goal: to help and support unprotected children up to 10 years and their mothers, provide them with a safe environment, prevent the abandonment of children and strengthen their biological families.


Mother and Child Care Center was officially opened in 2017 by Caritas Georgia and has a capacity to host total 20 beneficiaries (children and mothers) at a time and serve each of them for one year period. In the center the children and their mothers are provided with:

  • 24-hours residence place and protected environment;
  • Meals four times a day and basic hygienic items;
  • Assistance of psychologist and social worker;
  • Ambulatory and inpatient medical service;
  • Service of pediatrician;
  • Formal and Vocational education;
  • Assistance in finding job placements.

In the center, the beneficiaries are provided with a safe environment and basic needs. After the stabilization of their psycho-emotional and physical health, the work on individual development and empowering is conducted through provision of beneficiary children and their mothers with different educational opportunities that eventually are to lead to increasing their ability to live independently.

One of the objectives of the project is facilitation in employment of women linking them with potential employers and assisting them in getting the respective skills.


Partners: Government of Georgia; CNEWA KinderMissionswerk

Location: 2d Tornike Eristavi Street, 0192 Tbilisi, Georgia