The beneficiaries of the services are children living and working on the street as well as children of risk groups in the age of 5-18 years .


Project Goal: to identify the children living and working on the street and resettle them in long-term alternative services like foster care or small-group homes.

Having earned their trust, the mobile group members (driver, psychologist, social worker and peer educator) assess the child’s situation, render all kinds of immediate assistance right on the street and offer different services available in the Day Care Center. The main task of the mobile group work is to withdraw a child from the street and get him engaged in the Day Care Center activities.  In other cases, the Mobile Group members continue working with children right on the street, organizing different activities like: teaching the basic literacy, providing the children with information on necessity to keep hygiene, on different diseases and negative consequences caused by the use of harmful substances, organizing other sports or entertainment activities.

Project Partners: Caritas Germany; “Kindermissionswerk”; Government of Georgia

Project Location: 59 Manjgaladze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia


Project Goal: to create a safe and protected environment for the children; to facilitate the reintegration of children into a biological family if possible or resettle them in long-term alternative services.

The beneficiaries may come to the Centers by themselves, be brought by police, other people or identified on the street by the Mobile Group. In the Centers, the children have an opportunity to take a shower and wash clothes, get seasonal clothes and footwear, and eat the meal. With the help of a professional psychologist, the beneficiaries learn how to manage their emotions, establish and maintain relationship with people through the acquired communication skills, behave in a socially accepted way. Apart from assisting the children in solving the health problems, they get information on healthy life style, on negative use of harmful substances and different diseases. Special attention is paid to education of children/youth. They have an opportunity to get basic skills of reading, writing and calculation, be accompanied and enrolled in inclusive education system, get profession-oriented and vocational skills in workshops functioning at the Day Care Center. Different classes and activities are organized with the purpose of equipping the children with social and life skills they need for living independently. The children learn how to plan and organize leisure time activities, participate in sports and intellectual activities.

The services assist the children in getting the person identification documents, which are important for getting different benefits from the Government, the children are otherwise deprived of. Apart from children already living on the street, the program addresses the children being under the high risk of starting the street life, being exposed to all types of threats and violence. Yearly, the program assists around 500 children in Tbilisi and Rustavi.

Project Partners: Caritas Germany; “Kindermissionswerk”; Government of Georgia

Project Locations:   Tbilisi Daycare/Night Shelter: „My Home” 

                                    59 Manjgaladze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

                                    Rustavi Daycare/Night Shelter: “Warm Home”

                                   18 Paliashvili Street, Rustavi, Georgia




Project Goal: to provide the children without parental care with opportunity to be brought up in a ‘family-type’ environment and get prepared for independent life.

In the Small-Group Homes, the children are provided with nutritious meal four times a day, seasonal clothes, footwear, and personal hygiene items. Moreover, they get psychological and medical assistance, and an obligatory education. Some of the children are enrolled in inclusive education system. A special “Independent Life Program” has been elaborated for equipping the children with social and life skills.

 Caritas Georgia manages three small-group homes, two in Tbilisi and one in the village of Martkopi, hosting total 28 children without parental care. The Martkopi SGH is an integrated environment for healthy children and children with different mental and physical disabilities.

Caritas Georgia, in close cooperation with the Social Service Agency facilitates the process of reintegration of children with their biological families or settling them in foster care families.

Projects Partners: Government of Georgia, private donations through „Long Distance Sponsorship

Projects Locations:  Small-group Home “Ten Stars”

                                   Tbilisi, 2 Eristavi Street

                                   Small-group Home “First Home”

                                   Tbilisi, 2 Eristavi Street

                                  Small-group Home “Our Home”

                                   Gardabani region, the village of Martkopi


Project Goal: to provide the beneficiaries above the age of 18 leaving the childcare residential services, with a temporary housing, supporting them in getting education and further employment, accompanying them until they get adapted to new social environment and become able to live independently.

Caritas Youth House serves 6 young people.

Project is Self-Financed

Project Location: 2 Eristavi Street, 0192 Tbilisi, Georgia


Irina Abuladze-001 Tbilisi Daycare/Night Shelter „My Home” 

Address: Tbilisi, 59 Manjgaladze street

Phone: (+995) 595 993051

Ms. Irina Abuladze

Project Coordinator

Cell Phone: (+995) 595 001865


nana tskhvedadze-001 Rustavi Daycare/Night Shelter “Warm Home”

Address: Rustavi, 18 Paliashvili street

Phone: (+995) 599 87 35 24

Ms. Nana Tskhvedadze

Project Coordinator

Cell Phone: (+995) 599 87 38 69


Maia Koiava-001 Small-group Home “Ten Stars”

Address: Tbilisi, 2 Eristavi street

Phone: (+995) 599 03 03 41

Ms. Maya Koiava, SGH Leader

Cell phone: (+995) 599 03 03 40


manana mdivani  


Small-group Home “First Home”

Address: Tbilisi, 2 Eristavi street

Phone: (+995) 599 03 03 43

Ms. Manana Mdivani 

Project Coordinator

Cell Phone: (+995) 599 03 03 46




Tamar Bliadze-001 Small-group Home “Our Home ”

Address: Gardabani region, the village of Martkopi

Phone: (+995) 599 87 60

Ms. Tamar Bliadze, SGH Leader

Cell phone: (+995) 595 03 99 83


 Nazibrola Inadze-001 Youth House

Address: Tbilisi, 2 Eristavi street

Ms. Nazibrola Inadze

Project Coordinator

Cell phone: (+995) 595 00 18 60