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  • By David Mkheidze
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March 22, 2017- the seminar was held in Trento

From 20th to 24th of March this year “Associazione Italia-Georgia” has invited to Trento the Director of “Mermisi” College – Mrs. Nona Gudushauri and collaborator from “Caritas Georgia” Mrs. Keti Pularia to participate to a Seminar devoted to the presentation of “Vocational Studies at Caritas Georgia Carpentry Workshop” for young Georgians from vulnerable families; the project was partially financed by Autonomous Province of Trento. During the Seminar that took place on March 22 the participant spoke about the project and their collaboration: the Association’s President Mr. Bruno Fronza; journalist Mr. Marco Zeni; Archbishop Luigi Bressan; Director of ENAIP Mrs. Maria Cristina Bridi; Professor Mr. Marco Panizza. Mrs. Nona Gudushauri, Director of College“Mermisi” and Mrs. Keti Pularia from “Caritas Georgia” made their presentations. In the end of the meeting the Assessor Mrs. Sara Ferrari declared the project as successful and manifested the willingness to continue the collaboration with Caritas Georgia in future.


David Mkheidze