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  • "No one has ever been poor by giving" - Anne Frank

The Charitable Foundation Caritas Georgia has been promoting the “Long Distance Sponsorship” programme since 2003. The programme aims at assisting children living in poverty and elderly persons in need, who are curently beneficiaries of the services offered by Caritas Georgia.

Who is waiting to be sponsored?

  • Child living and working in street, child without parental care or from disadvantaged families, underprivileged youth or teenager experiencing harsh social and economic conditions.
  • Lonely and medically ill elderly person living below the poverty line with a monthly pension of 60 euros.


Subscribing to the program is very easy!

Download the Application form here, fill it in and e-mail it to our “Long Distance Sponsorship” Coordinator.

Or just Donate by filling in the online form here!


The fee is 20, 25 or 30 Euros a month and you decide for how many months or years you would like to support the person. The donation will go directly to Caritas Georgia or to a partner organization’s accounts, which we will provide to you as soon as we receive your application form.

You will recive regular updates from the side of Caritas Georgia about the sponsored person, along with letters, greeting cards, and photos. We welcome you to come to Georgia to visit the person you sponsor.

We express our deep gratitude to every person, family, parish and association that have been supporting children and elderly people for many years.

Thank you for your loving engagement!



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