“If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Who is waiting to be sponsored?

  • A child living and working on street; a child without parental care or from disadvantaged family; underprivileged young person or teenager experiencing harsh social and economic conditions.
  • Lonely and medically ill elderly person living below the poverty line.

What will you get when you sponsor a child or an elderly person?
Welcome letter with an information about child or an elderly person
Photos of your child or elderly person
Letters, pictures or videos
Regular news and updates about your child or elderly person

Why Sponsor a person through Caritas Georgia?
The Charitable Foundation Caritas Georgia has been promoting the “Long Distance Sponsorship” program since 2003. Since it’s creating through the generous donors like you, 1190 vulnerable children and 574 elderly in need received the support and their quality of life was improved.
The information in Caritas Georgia is transparent. You will receive the detailed information about your donation and sponsored person, as well as you are welcome to visit your child or elderly person in need at any time. Moreover, we don’t just give cash sponsored children or elderly every month. Instead, we pool monthly sponsorship donations and leverage them for maximum impact.

More Information about LDS:
Long Distance Sponsorship (LDS) is the easiest way to help child or elderly person in need. Through your Donation you can improve the life of a vulnerable child or an elderly person and become Long Distance Family for him/her. Along the way, we help you to build a relationship with your child or an elderly person through letters, photos, videos, updates and more.
This is the effective source to fight against poverty and improve the quality of his/her life. When you sponsor a person in need, you became a Long Distance Family that encourages your child or elderly person with hope for the future.
The program assists children living poverty or elderly persons in need, who are beneficiaries of the services offered by Caritas Georgia.
From the side of Caritas Georgia you will receive regular updates about the sponsored person, along with letters, greeting cards, photos and other specific information. We welcome you to visit the person you sponsor.

For more information please contact:

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    David Mkheidze

    Coordinator of Long Distance Sponsorship

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