27 Dec
  • By Nino Gambashidze
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How do we prepare for New Year in Caritas Georgia?

In Caritas, everyone prepares for New Year . Everyone is involved in the preparing process: teachers, pupils and volunteers. The teachers are making Christmas decorations and the volunteers are helping them. All this is very interesting, as well as joyful, it will make you in a good mood.

At the end, everything is very beautiful. We put a really nice New Year tree in the concert hall. There we, the children of theater, are preparing for a beautiful concert, which is created by Lana teacher.  The performance is full of dances from different countries. It’s true that I have one of the difficult dances, this also told me my teacher Lana, but I deal with it very well.


-Nino Shonia, a child from Day Care Center of Caritas Georgia.

Nino Gambashidze