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Emergency Response – Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Aid

Emergency Response is one of the strategic priorities in Caritas Georgia work and it is in line with the Strategic Objective II of “Caritas Internationalis Strategic Framework 2015-2019” and with the Strategic Priority II of “Caritas Europa Strategic Framework 2011-2020”.

“Solidarity in Caritas Family – a duty to respond emergencies”

Emergency Response to different calamities – natural and man-made disasters (wars, conflicts), national-wide accidents – is depended on the nature and scale of damages caused by the emergency and population affected.

“Caritas Georgia” since the very beginning of its activities in Georgia, back in 1993-1994, has been working in the field of Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Aid and it responded all the emergency situations (natural and man-made disasters (wars, conflicts), national-wide accidents) happened in Georgia up to present with kind support of Caritas Family and other partners:

  1. Emergency food assistance to IDPs from Abkhazia in 1993 – humanitarian aid received from Danish Government through Caritas Denmark;
  2. Emergency food and non-food assistance to IDPs from Abkhazia, different child-care, disabled and elderly institutions and vulnerable population in 1994 – humanitarian aid received from Caritas Germany, Caritas Denmark and Caritas Italy;
  3. Drought of Spring-Summer 2000 in several provinces of Georgia (Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kakheti and Shida-Kartli) –  Emergency Appeal S.O.A. 62 /2000 Georgia. Droughtannounced by Caritas Internationalis;
  4. Earthquake in Tbilisi in April, 2002  –  Emergency Appeal S.O.A. 26 / 2002 Georgia. Earthquake announced by Caritas Internationalis;
  5. Earthquake in Tbilisi in April, 2002 – Emergency Rehabilitation of the Damaged Children’s Care Home “Rtsmena”(Faith) for Homeless and Marginalized Children through bilateral support from Caritas Germany;
  6. Humanitarian Assistance to Chechenian Refugees settled in Tbilisi in 2004 – request for partnership from Deutscher Caritasverband / Caritas Germany;
  7. Emergency Assistance to Groups of IDPs from South Ossetia in 2004 – Emergency Appeal S.O.A. 35 / 2004 Georgia announced by Caritas Internationalis;
  8. Flood and landslides in Racha-Lechkhumi region of Georgia 2005 – Emergency Appeal S.O.A. 17 / 2005 Georgia. Flood announced by Caritas Internationalis;
  9. Hail in  Samtskhe-Javakheti villages of Georgia in 2005 – applied to Deutscher Caritasverband/Caritas Germany;
  10. Emergency “Winter 2006-2007” – applied to different organizations in Italy and   Caritas organizations in winter 2006 and winter 2007;
  11. Armed conflict with Russia in August 2008Emergency Appeals EA 25 /2008,  EA 31/2008 and EA 43/2008 Georgia. Emergency Assistance to IDPs Displaced by Conflict in Georgia were announced by Caritas Internationalis;
  12. Armed conflict with Russia in August 2008 – Emergency Assistance to IDPs Displaced by August war 2008 – response of different Caritas Organisations beyond the Emergency Appeal, Catholic Church (Bishops Conferences, Dioceses and Parishes), Governments, Church-related organizations, NGOs, Foundations, Unions, Associations, private persons from Europe, USA, Japan;
  13. Earthquake in Racha-Lechkhumi and northern edge of Imereti province of Georgia in September, 2009 – response from Caritas Poland, Caritas Ambrosiana (Milan, Italy), different associations, parishes and private persons from Italy. Appeal announced through Caritas Europa Emergency Department for the Rehabilitation Phase.

Generally, there are several phases of relief in the Emergency response – Rapid Response Phase, Early Recovery Phase and Rehabilitation / Development Phase. The activities conducted in response to particular emergency situations are defined by Phases – some responses are framed by the only Rapid Response Phase, some are proceeding to Early Recovery Phase and some continue with Rehabilitation Phase leading to Development.

Note: All Emergencies Caritas Georgia has responded during the years of work in Georgia have got their particular number (see above) under which they are presented in one, two or all three phases (see below).

  • Humanitarian Aid – Rapid Response Phase
  • Humanitarian Aid – Early Recovery Phase
  • Rehabilitation / Development Phase



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