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Home Care 

Project Goal: contribute in improving patients quality of life, physical and psychological condition. Specifically to make people, who due to their temporary or permanent physical or mental pathology have limited capacity to live independently, as independent as possible in their everyday activities at home, in their habitual living environment ensuring the sanctity of their private lives and preventing them from hospitalization.


Home Care is a delivery of social and medical services at a residential place for its beneficiaries. It aims to provide healthcare to bedridden patients (prevention, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, and essential pharmaceutics), support them in daily activities (moving around, keeping personal hygiene, etc.), identify resources and capabilities of patients and their informal caregivers and support their development (informing, educating, developing their skills), and provide psychological and social assistance to patients and their close people (support in creating a healthy social environment as well as receiving needed services, and etc.), also to provide them with necessary auxiliaries (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.).


Partners: Renovabis, Municipality of Kutaisi and the Agency of social services of Kutaisi and Ozurgheti.

Location: Kutaisi, Ozurgeti and Batumi


Primary Health Center 

Project Goal: to provide primary health care service to vulnerable people of the city as well as to raise awareness of local and national authorities about beneficiaries’ needs and rights.


Since 1995 the project aims to provide primary health service to vulnerable people in Kutaisi. Every month the project serves up to 100 people, for a total of 1200 annual accesses.


Partner: “Associazione Bertoni Cooperazione e Sviluppo”, Italy; Association “Daquiala”, Italy

Location: 10 Newport Street, Kutaisi, Georgia



Humanitarian Soup-Kitchen

Project Goal: of the project is to support vulnerable elderly people of Kutaisi, who do not have a possibility to get food every day.


The project Humanitarian Soup-Kitchen has been blessed with generous donations of food and money.  The aim of the project is to provide food to disadvantaged groups of population and to preserve their dignity.

The Soup-Kitchen serves healthy nutritious food 5 days a week to 70 elderly and 100 vulnerable children.


Partners: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Location: 33 Irakli Abashidze Street, Kutaisi, Georgia