Daycare Center and Art Therapy Studio in Tbilisi

Main Goal: to ensure the psycho-social rehabilitation of children from families living below the poverty line and their integration in the society.

In the Daycare Center and Art Therapy Studio, each year 160 children from socially vulnerable families in the age of 6-18 have an opportunity to spend free time before/after school hours during the working days in a safe and friendly environment, being engaged in different educational/entertainment measurements and accompanied by highly qualified pedagogues and professional psychologists.

The children get medical and psychological assistance for solving the health problems. All children are provided with a daily lunch cooked in Caritas Soup-Kitchen during the stay in the Centre.  Special attention is paid to education of children: they get assistance in preparing the homework in school subjects, get additional lessons in English, and get the skills of working on a computer. With the purpose of providing the children with post-traumatic syndromes with psychological rehabilitation, a method of art therapy is used in the Art Therapy Studio workshops of ceramic, cloisonne enameling, iconography, decorative metal stamping and wood engraving, teqa (felt) and weaving. The children are as well engaged in dancing, singing and puppet-show workshops, where they make the puppets and set performances. The children get vocational skills of hairdressing. The acquired vocational skills they can use in future and earn money for living. The 16-18-year-old children get the job application skills of writing a resume, presentation at interviews. Besides, they get information about the ways of seeking the available vacancies.

Project Partners: Government of Georgia, Caritas France

Project Location: 2 Eristavi Street, 0192 Tbilisi, Georgia

Project Coordinator: Ms. Tamar Chaduneli 

Daycare Center in the Village of Arali

Main Goal: to create a space for education and entertainment for the children from socially vulnerable families.

In the center, 90 children have opportunity to attend the classes of computer, mathematics, and English. The beneficiaries get the skills of creating handcraft items in tapestry, drawing, and felt techniques. The school graduates are assisted in preparation for enrolment exams for Higher Educational Institutions.

Every year the concerts and measurements, organized during summer camps and Christmas Holidays, have granted unforgettable memories and joy to children.

Project Partners: Caritas Ambrosiana, Elemosineria  Apostolica – Office of Papal Charities

Project Location: Village of Arali, Samtskhe-Javakheti Region (South-West Georgia)

Project Coordinator:  Ms. Qetevan Obolashvili



                                                   Daycare Center in Vale                             

Main Goal: to improve the quality of life of indigenous children in Vale.

Children and Youth Center in Vale was opened on February 2017. Currently, 110 children from socially unprotected families, between 6 and 18 years old attend the Center.

In the Children and Youth Center, the beneficiaries are assisted with school subjects; they get additional studies in mathematics, learn Russian, Georgian, and English languages. Moreover, children get the skills of working on personal computer, skills of weaving and creating items in felt technique. The youth graduating the Public school get prepared for exams in Higher Educational Institutions. Lots of sports activities, excursions, hiking to other cities, churches, monasteries, parks, museums, mountains and other places of interest are organized.

Project Partners: Caritas Ambrosiana; Public Schools and Local Administration.

Project Location: Vale, Samtskhe-Javakheti Region of Georgia

Project Coordinator: Mr. Shota Gikoshvili



 tamar chaduneli-001 Ms. Tamar Chaduneli

Daycare Center Project Coordinator in Tbilisi

Address: N 2, T. Eristavi street, Gldani-Nadzaladevi district

0192 Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: 595 00 18 50



   Mr. Shota Gikoshvili

Daycare Center Project Coordinator in Vale

Phone: +995 557 20 08 09