Project Goal: improvement of quality of life of elderly people in Tbilisi.

The project created as a response to the needs of lonely elderly, who lack communication with other people. The project, “Harmony”  is tightly bounded with the Social and Health as well as Youth projects of Caritas Georgia.  The Adult Day Care Center  is the place, where elderly people can socialize, read books and newspapers, can wash themselves and their clothes, receive consultancy of lawyer and psychologist. Elderly persons stay in a warm and friendly atmosphere, can have some tea and biscuits, often have concerts, play chess or simply speak with each other, and most importantly, the center gives elderly opportunity to regained their feeling of dignity and usefulness. They feel that they are needed by others. People from the same generation can understand and support each other and not feel isolated. “Harmony” organizes excursions to Georgian historical sites, theater, cinema, museums and exhibitions. Physical exercises as well as training of the memory and eyesight are held on a regular basis by a nurse. Elderly people communicate with children from Small Family type Houses and from Daycare Youth Center. “Harmony” offers workshop for those, who like to sew or to repair their clothes. Every day around 40 lonely elderly persons persons visit the Center.


Project Partners:  Georgian Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs; Branch of company “JT International Luxembourg S.A.” in Georgia

Project Location: 2 Eristavi Street, 0192 Tbilisi, Georgia

Project Coordinator: Ms. Nana Natsvlishvili




 Nana Natsvlishvili- Day Care Centre Harmony Project Manager-001 Nana Natsvlishvili
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