15 May
  • By Nino Gambashidze
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Caritas Georgia Held Formative Meetings for its Employees

Caritas Georgia completed two round Formative Meetings for its employees. The meetings were held on 7-8 and 28-29 April, 2017 and the main topic was Stewardship. Invited professors, guests, priests, and employees discussed and talked about the importance of the issue, shared experiences and made presentations.

Since 2011, Formative Meetings for Caritas employees are held four times a year. The aim of the meetings is spiritual inspiration of Caritas Georgia employees. Each meeting has its special theme (“Solidarity”, “Human dignity”, “Development”, etc.) and includes elements as: Biblical inspirations, spiritual lecture of Orthodox and Catholic priests, lectures of university professors, presentations, group works, laboratories, and personal experience of invited guests.

The last meeting about Stewardship was an inspirational for employees of Caritas Georgia. Volunteerism Officer, Ms. Inga Chkheidze describes it as follow: “These meetings are not only a possibility for employees of Caritas Georgia to meet each other and share the experience but also, they are the way to give people motivation and change their hearts.”

For the first time, the second round of the meeting was held in Rustavi (a city in the southeast of Georgia) that was encouraging renewal for employees of Caritas Georgia.

Nino Gambashidze