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cceg6th regional workshop of the EASTERN EUROPE – CAUCASUS CARITAS EMERGENCY GROUP (EECCEG) held in Kiev on October 4-6th, 2016

Emergency cases, disasters are happening all over the world every day and Caritas is an organization that has to respond to the needs of victims of wars, earthquakes, floods, hails, storms and other catastrophes during its work. In order to react fast and professionally Caritas Organizations are in a process of developing disaster prevention and response system.

As a part of such a development 6th Regional workshop of Eastern Europe – Caucasus Caritas Emergency Group (EECCEG) took place in Kiev on October 4-6th, 2016.

Meeting started in a friendly atmosphere in the office of Caritas Ukraine with the welcoming words and discussion of expectations of participants. As it showed there was a big need of practical exercises and sharing experience.

After all participants introduced themselves – members of Caritas Europa, Armenian Caritas, Caritas Azerbaijan, Caritas Georgia, Caritas Russia, Caritas Ukraine – they were given an opportunity to present an experience of their countries in emergency field. Each country has made a presentation about the situation they were facing and people they were able to help during their work.

In the second half of the day the most important part of the meeting started: CI Emergency Toolkit Training, led by Technical advisor and Humanitarian assistant of Caritas Germany – Pasquale Ionta. This training took two days and the objectives of it were:

  • To familiarize participants with the structure and overall content of the CI Toolkit;
  • Explain to the participants the role of the different funding and supporting mechanisms and their use in case of an emergency.

Two days of the training were full of presentations and practical exercises based on real disasters which took place in different countries in 2016.

Third day of the workshop was dedicated to the creation/development of the emergency response plan in each EECCEG member country and the discussion of future work, also to the evaluation of the roadmap and the creation of the new one.

6th Regional workshop of EECCEG finished on October 6th in the evening. As a result participants have gained new experience in work with CI Emergency Toolkit, shared past experience of different Emergency Programs and elaborated important plans for future.


For more photos of the workshop follow the link: https://caritas.ge/en/photo-gallery/

David Mkheidze